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Our Products

XtraChêne, the leading specialist in premium oak alternatives, relies on its strengths: the experience and expertise of their team for selecting their oak wood, the richness of their oak seasoning yards, the capacity and desire to innovate, and the coopering know-how of the Chêne & Cie group (Taransaud, Canton, and Kádár cooperages). XtraChêne offers a wide product range for vinification, aging and finishing processes.

You can download our catalogue here.

picto-cuvepictosFermentation and aging
Box of 40 sticks

XtraChêne is proud to have developed the Stick 22.90, intended for the aging process of premium red, white or rosé cuvees.

picto-cuvepictosFermentation and Aging
Bag of 10 Kg - 2 x 5 Kg  infusion bag

XtraChêne Chips are used during the vinification and aging process or as a finishing touch prior to bottling.

picto-cuvepictosFermentation and aging
Bag of 10 Kg - 2 x 5 Kg infusion bag

XtraChêne Stavettes are stave segments that can be used for early oak treatments during the vinification process, thus ensuring stability and long-lasting integration.

picto-cuvepictos Fermentation
Bag of 10 Kg

XtraChêne Granular oak is used during the alcoholic fermentation process, and is available plain (fresh), or toasted.

picto barriquepictosAging
Per unit

XtraChêne XtraKits are barrel inserts made up of oak stick segments that renew the enological potential of neutral barrels.

picto barriquepictosAging
Bag of 500 grams

XtraChêne XOakers are oak spheres that are perfect for restoring the aromatic and gustative properties of a neutral barrel.