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picto-cuvepictosFermentation and aging
Box of 40 sticks

XtraChêne is proud to have developed the Stick 22.90, intended for the aging process of premium red, white or rosé cuvees.

The distinctly unique characteristic of the Stick 22.90 lies in its shape: its square base, measuring 22 mm, and length of 90 cm, is ideal for allowing a progressive diffusion of oak compounds to release into the wine. The Stick 22.90 adds greater complexity and more blended results, and is ideal for aging processes of 6 months or more. In French oak, the Stick 22.90 is available in 3 convection toast levels: Light, Medium and Medium Plus, and 2 oak fire toasted types: Terroir and Quattro. In American oak, they are available in one Specific toast level.


packaging sticks bois oenologique xtrachêne


XtraChêne Sticks 22.90 are made from French oak (sessile oak and pedunculate oak – Quercus petraea and Quercus robur) and American oak (white oak – Quercus alba).



French oak is naturally open air-seasoned for a minimum of two years and American oak for a minimum of three years.


Toast levels

The following toast levels are available

French oak

- Convection : Light (L), Medium (M) and Medium plus (M+)

- Oak fire : Quattro and Terroir

American oak 

- Specific (S) toast level through convection



Wood-grade cardboard box containing 40 x Sticks 22.90 linked together to form 2 packs of 20 units each

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picto chauffe Oak fire pictos pictospictos Quattro, Terroir
picto chauffe Convection pictos pictospictospictospictos Light (Pastry), Medium, Medium+, Specific
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