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picto-cuvepictosFermentation and Aging
Bag of 10 Kg - 2 x 5 Kg  infusion bag

XtraChêne Chips are used during the vinification and aging process or as a finishing touch prior to bottling.

XtraChêne Chips add complexity to wines. XtraChêne Chips are available in seven toast levels.

Each toast level and oak origin contributes its own aromatic and gustative properties, thus giving XtraChêne a product range of chips capable of meeting a large spectrum of user requirements.


 packaging copeaux bois oenologique xtrachêne


XtraChêne Chips are made from French oak (sessile oak and pedunculate oak – Quercus petraea and Quercus robur), and American oak (white oak – Quercus alba).



The French oek is naturally open air-seasoned for a minimum of two years and American oak for a minimum of three years.


Toast levels

The following (convection) toast levels are available :

- French oak :

- Light (L), Medium (M) or Medium plus (M+)

- American oak :

- Medium (M) or Medium plus (M+).



10 kg food-grade polyethylene bag, with two 5 kg infusion bags.

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picto chauffe French oak   pictospictospictos Light, Medium, Medium +
picto chauffe American oak   pictospictos Medium, Medium +
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