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XtraChêne XtraKits are barrel inserts made up of oak stick segments that renew the enological potential of neutral barrels.

In French oak, there are 3 convection toast levels available: Medium, Medium Plus and “Equilibre” (25% Light, 50% Medium, 25% Medium Plus), and 2 oak fire toasted types: Terroir and Quattro. In American oak, they are available in one Specific toast level.


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XtraChêne XtraKits are made from French oak (sessile oak and pedunculate oak – Quercus petraea and Quercus robur) and American oak (whiteoak – Quercus alba).



The French oak is naturally open air-seasoned for a minimum of two years and the American oak for a minimum of three years.


Toast levels

The following toast levels are available

French oak

- Convection : Light (L), Medium (M) and Medium plus (M+)

- Oak fire : Quattro and Terroir

American oak

Specific toast level through convection



Individual food-grade polyethylene bags.

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