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picto-cuvepictosFermentation and aging
Bag of 10 Kg - 2 x 5 Kg infusion bag

XtraChêne Stavettes are stave segments that can be used for early oak treatments during the vinification process, thus ensuring stability and long-lasting integration.

During the aging process, their recommended contact time is 3 to 4 months, for the most harmonious and well-balanced results. 


packaging stavettes bois oenologique xtrachêne


XtraChêne Stavettes are made from French oak (sessile oak and pedunculate oak - Quercus petraea and Quercus robur) and American oak (white oak - Quercus alba).



The French oak is naturally open air-seasoned for a minimum of two years and American oak for a minimum of three years.

Toast levels

The following (convection) toast levels are available
- French oak: Light (L), Medium (M) or Medium plus (M+)

- American oak: Specific (S) toast.



10 kg food-grade polyethylene bag, with two 5 kg infusion bags.

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