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chêne xtrachene

Understanding a forest is at the heart of our trade. Our refinement begins when we select the finest oaks growing in the best forests of France and the United States.

XtraChêne prides itself for having its supply of oak shared by both Taransaud and Canton Cooperages.
Chêne & Cie wood buyers select oak trees in accordance with the quality criteria established by the group's cooperages.

From their extensive experience, the buyers are able to identify the best suited live oaks: specifically identifying French Sessile or Pedunculate oak and American Alba oak, grain tightness and homogeneity of shape.

Carefully selected logs are then taken to Chêne & Cie’s stave mills, where they are hewn into rough staves, to later become either barrel staves, or oak alternatives.

XtraChêne is a pioneer in sustainable development and has been PEFC certified since July 2013.

XtraChêne is committed to the PEFC program, which promotes sustainable forest management. This program ensures that ecological, economic, social and ethical standards are met when implementing such practices.