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Xtrachêne Unified Wine and Grape Symposium

Xtrachêne and Canton were present at Unified Wine and Grape Symposium 2018

At Chêne & Cie, R&D is a priority with a team of 6 people dedicated to innovation (engineers, enologists and PhDs).

XtraChêne thanks you for your visit and for your interest in our products during the tradeshow Vinitech. 


Not all the vintages are alike. Nevertheless winemakers always want to protect musts and wines from oxidation.

Logo CAOX Chêne Services

CAOX is an electrochemical technology developed and patented by Chêne & Cie.

Xtrachêne Enomaq

Xtrachêne estará presente en Enomaq 2015 en Zaragoza del 24 al 27 de febrero el Pabellón 4, C-31.

Looking for a product to add wood from the fermentation but also during the aging of your wines?

What PEFC mean? What are the implications in terms of sustainable development? Why XtraChêne wanted to be certified? All the answers here.