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What PEFC mean? What are the implications in terms of sustainable development? Why XtraChêne wanted to be certified? All the answers here.

Present in 36 countries, PEFC Council, based in Geneva, is the organization embodying the PEFC program internationally.

PEFC promotes sustainable forest management.
From the forest to the finished product, the PEFC certification system requires each link in the forest-based sector specific rules and controls compliance.
Throughout the chain of processing and distribution, companies must, in turn, set up a chain of custody.
For example, companies commit to use certified PEFC only with inventory traceability and not to employ unregistered workers.
The reliability of the PEFC certification system is based on audits carried out on the ground.
Affixed to a product based on wood, PEFC label attests to the commitment of the forest owner and the company to implement sustainable forest management practices.
To read more : www.pefc-france.org