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Since May 2018, the public forest of Tronçais has been endorsed as Forêt d'Exception® or Outstanding Forest.






Its exceptional history, heritage and culture, linked with the name of Colbert, a Ministry of Louis XIV, make Tronçais the emblem of the best public forests in France.



Established by Colbert in 1670, the “futaie Colbert” produces particularly tall and straight slow-growth oak trees whose unparalleled quality and fine grain make them very suitable for maturing fine wines.







For more than 10 years, our stave mill located in the town of Cérilly has given us a foothold in the Tronçais region, making Chêne & Cie the leading buyer of oak for barrels and alternatives in the Tronçais forest.


This ongoing supply allows XtraChêne to market a unique range of alternatives from selected Tronçais oak.


Tracking the Tronçais origin

Chêne & Cie is the first and only company to date to guarantee traceability of the Tronçais origin through genetic compliance testing, whereby each batch of Tronçais is precisely tracked using its DNA, providing an additional guarantee of its prestigious origin