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Created by XtraChêne for lengthy maturation, sticks 22x90 are now available from a selection of oak from the prestigious Tronçais forest.



The shape of the XtraChêne stick 22x90, combined with the prestigious characteristics of the Tronçais provenance, makes the stick 22x90 Tronçais a first-rate winemaking tool for lengthy maturation periods lasting from 8 to 12 months (to be confirmed by tasting), to be used from MLF or later.




In the heart of the Tronçais forest lies a treasure trove of fine-grained oak trees that are over a hundred years old and whose unparalleled quality makes them particularly suitable for maturing fine wines. This exceptional forest is situated in the centre of France, in the Allier region. It is managed sustainably by the French forestry commission (ONF) and has been endorsed as Forêt d'Exception® (Outstanding Forest). Its remarkable trees are particularly tall and straight. We guarantee this prestigious origin thanks to a genetical compliance test.



We master the long natural open-air seasoning on our yards. It lasts for a minimum of three summers and guarantees that the unique character and remarkable consistency of Tronçais wood will be enhanced, imbuing the wines with finesse, elegance and a subtle roundness. Tracing from forest to client is fully computerised.



Within our own workshop, our exclusive wood-fired toasting tool has enabled us to develop a unique and different formula. Combined with the characteristics of Tronçais wood, the wood-fired toast gives the wine drive while adding density and fine spices on the mid-palate, and a superb, long and complex finish. This combination will truly enhance your wine, boosting its finesse, elegance and drinkability.




The stick 22x90 Tronçais is also available in convection-toasting recipes. We particularly recommend the Medium toast. Coupled with the Tronçais provenance, the toast respects the integrity of the wine’s fruitiness while adding roundness and notes of vanilla and pastry, with remarkable volume and balance.



For more information, please download the sticks 22x90 Tronçais product sheet.