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calidad xtrachêne

As far as XtraChêne is concerned, producing oak alternatives requires first class technical skills and quality monitoring.

- Effective tools

The specific equipment used to produce and toast XtraChêne oak alternatives is located in workshops devoted to such activities: in Segonzac in France, and in Lebanon, Kentucky, in the United States.

XtraChêne has a new-generation toasting machine and a tool designed specially for toasting the oak-fire sticks.

- Controls

All lots of oak used are analyzed according to our HACCP plan regarding haloanisole and halophenol compounds and meet the requirements of the OIV and regulatory texts.

- Traceability

From the moment an oak tree is selected, a unique lot number is assigned and maintained throughout all the processes of seasoning and production, and then labelled on the end product when completed. This allows XtraChêne to guarantee the traceability of each product.

- Official certificates

You can see our detailed actions here.

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